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Gourmet Gamer Podcast #42: Randy Quaid for President

Randy Quaid simply gives zero fucks and thats why we love him. We talked some trash about the new Fantastic Four trailer. Rocket Jump returned to its glory with an awesome ode to the horribly wonderful 90s commercials. And we discovered the naughty nature of oxforddictionaries.com voice samples.

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Snack Attack! Pringles : Jalapeno

Wow. Pringles for the win again. The can was empty before we knew it. Im not the biggest fan of Jalapeno’s but the subtleness of these was fantastic.  Still amazing how Pringles is able to single in on a certain taste. If there was an Noble Peace Prize for chips, Pringles would win every year.

RATING : 10/10 Sticky Fingers

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Snack Attack! Pringles : XTRA Screamin’ Dill Pickle


After absolutely falling in deep love with Pringles : XTRA Tangy Buffalo Wings, I had high hopes for these. I love sour dill pickles and anything that tastes like them. Unfortunately, these kind of fell flat. They were not bad at all. I was just expecting the “XTRA SCREAMIN” to be in line with the XTRA Tangy Buffalo Wings. They tasted like normal Pringles with a pinch of sour dill. And I really mean, just a pinch. The can also smelled like feet and christmas sugar cookies. Weird, I know.

For the full review take a listen to Gourmet Gamer Podcast Episode #33

RATING :  6/10 Sticky Fingers