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Gourmet Gamer Future

As you might have noticed, we at Gourmet Gamer have been a bit quite of late. Besides the newly ramped up Twitch presence, not much has come out in the way of new content. And I would like to address that. Simply put we have had some shake ups that we have been slow to recover from. First, our dear friend Floyd passed in December. No one is sure why or even where he is buried. Frankly, I think he faked his death to get out of child support. Johnny decided to take a sabbatical, something about finding himself in the mountains of Peru. Who knows. I suspect he will back soon. Trent is in rehab. He really took to the Ayahuasca. I have Joe Rogan to thank for that. Its not all doom and gloom though. Both Suzy and Stu have teamed up and are performing on Musical.ly ( search for suzyrocket ) and I wish them all the success in the world.

Now, you may be asking, where does that leave Gourmet Gamer. Well, with the downsizing of the team, we are going to focus on three things.

  • Gourmet Gamer Gaming – This will be filled with game reviews and our weekly twitch streams.
  • Gourmet Gamer Podcast – Zane and Evan will continue their successful weekly bitch sessions on everything from movies and video games to potato chips. We will return with a new episode March 27th.
  • Gourmet Gamer Props & FX – This is not entirely new but has mostly been in the shadows. As some of you are aware, I like to dabble in prop making and special FX. I have decided to really focus on this and hopefully provide you some awesome creations from your favorite movies and video games. I am currently working on a Destiny gun, Skyrim helmet and an original mask. Evan is already producing a lot of cool shit over at evanparrafx.com.

I know this is a departure from where we started but its for the best and will allow Gourmet Gamer to continue. I will making updates to the site over the next couple weeks so keep and eye out. I want to thank every one that has supported us thus far and hopefully will continue supporting us going forward.

Gourmet Gamer Podcast #26 : Free Anthony Cumia

Another one in the books and boy did things get heated but more on that later.

Yup, the Raid 2 is one of the most badass movies ever and if you are a fan of Sleeping Dogs the game, you will love the movie even more. Speaking of badass video games, the Destiny Beta dropped on July 17th and yours truly picked it up. Its no secret that I am not a fan of Halo but I think Bungie has successfully taken what worked on Halo ( very little ) and have been able to create a new game that should be just as big a hit. I really enjoyed it. The game is a mixture of Halo, Borderlands, and Mass Effect. It is still beta, so it had some problems but overall I enjoyed it. It was fun. Cant say that about too many games these days.

Before we jumped into our continued discussion around offending people, we quickly discussed the new show by Guillermo Del Toro, The Strain? We both unequvically are going to pass on it. It was just not good and Sean Astin was just horrible, poor Sam.

Im not going to get into here, you will just have to listen but we spent a good hour, once again, talking about the sad state of america when it comes to free speech and everyone being offended by something. We have literally become the future in Demolition Man.

One last thing : Thank You Cindy Fielding for pledging to the Gourmet Gamer Patreon Campaign.

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