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Snack Attack International! Nestle : Lion


I know what you are saying, this is a candy bar and might not qualify as a snack but I don’t care. I was traveling, and figured why not do a Snack Attack International. And let me tell you, this thing is fucking amazing. But before I get into the dirty, let me give some back story. I was sitting in my hotel room one night and a commercial came on for this candy bar and I was instantly pulled in. I walked down to the local convenience store and got one. Alright, that’s a lie. I passed out from exhaustion from traveling but the next night, after some copious amounts of beer and meat, I found this jewel of Europe. And like I said before, it is amazing. Nestle basically took every ingredient from its line of candy bars and jammed it into the Lion. It consists of a wafer, caramel, rice crispy, peanut butter, milk chocolate and finished off with a little tap on the ass from Jesus himself. I really did feel like a Lion after. This is the best candy bar I have ever had. Period. It is a shame its not available in the U.S. Thankfully I bought an entire box.

RATING : 10/10 Sticky Fingers