Gourmet Gamer Podcast #30 : Special Guest Al Pacino

Evan finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy ! But the fucker was not impressed. Fanboys around the world are weeping Oh well, he sucks, moving on.

First up, the Tomb Raider Xbox One Exclusive announcement. Both of us are indifferent really. Before Sony and Microsoft entered the scene, all games were exclusive to either Nintendo or Sega ( or the various other consoles ) so its nothing new to us. I actually hope it spawns a new console war. Next up, we tried to get scared from the new Silent Hill game but it was a moment lost.  Check out the demo on your own. Do you think Darryl from the Walking Dead is gay? We dont. Mixed in was some talk of feminism, the death of Robin Williams and way too much time dancing to some rad tunes from the 80s. The show had some highs and lows but thankfully our special guest, Al Pacino was able to pull it all together.

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  1. Will

    I get that Evan isn’t a fan of the comic book movies, and I’m not attempting to change his mind or anything, but I think he’s looking at the genre formula of comic book movies in the wrong way. Sure, they follow a general good vs. evil story, but Guardians subverts a lot of it with unexpected humor. Like that fuckin’ dance at the end to save the day! C’mon! Evan’s reasons for why Guardians is just like all the other movies are like someone watching a few slasher movies and then saying they’re all formula bullshit, when a fan of the genre enjoys them in spite of this (and also because of this). I agree comic movies could be more inventive than they are, but Guardians is a wonderful step in the right direction.

  2. wolfman_nards

    I think what that Even guy said about Guards of the Galactsy was spot on! sMart man. I would jiggle his roger for days.

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