Gourmet Gamer Podcast #25 : Michael Shannon Rules

Sorry for last week. Hopefully this episode will make up for it.

Happy birthday Harrison Ford and happy 40th anniversary Lloyd and Pat Kaufman.

Is a burrito a sandwich? That is the burning question that started off the show. And I dont care what Evan says, it is….I will prove it.

Robert Englund is going to suit up as Freddy Krueger for one last time next at Flashback Weekend.  Unfortunately, it will cost you $360 for a photo-op, which we think is absolute bullshit. And while we are still raging, we checked out the latest on the Potato Salad Kickstarter. I think its funny but a ton of people are pissed. They are missing the point.

Are you a fan of Terry Gilliam? So are we!

Bringing everything back to a more happy spot, at least for evan, was the reveal that bungie is basically giving the middle finger to Microsoft with their support for the PS4 and Japan.

Did you catch the premiere of The Strain? If not, check it out. We will talk about it on the next episode.

And for an extra laugh if you heard last weeks episode.


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