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Snack Attack International! Nestle : Lion


I know what you are saying, this is a candy bar and might not qualify as a snack but I don’t care. I was traveling, and figured why not do a Snack Attack International. And let me tell you, this thing is fucking amazing. But before I get into the dirty, let me give some back story. I was sitting in my hotel room one night and a commercial came on for this candy bar and I was instantly pulled in. I walked down to the local convenience store and got one. Alright, that’s a lie. I passed out from exhaustion from traveling but the next night, after some copious amounts of beer and meat, I found this jewel of Europe. And like I said before, it is amazing. Nestle basically took every ingredient from its line of candy bars and jammed it into the Lion. It consists of a wafer, caramel, rice crispy, peanut butter, milk chocolate and finished off with a little tap on the ass from Jesus himself. I really did feel like a Lion after. This is the best candy bar I have ever had. Period. It is a shame its not available in the U.S. Thankfully I bought an entire box.

RATING : 10/10 Sticky Fingers

Snack Attack! Lays : Cappuccino


We bring another newbie into the fold with Lays potato chips. I think its safe to say that Lays make some decent potato chips, unfortunately, these cappuccino flavored ones are not even close to being decent. They did capture the smell of coffee though very well, as soon as you open the bag you are greeted by a blast of coffee aroma.  Its a nice smell. However, thats were the positives end. They taste like cardboard. Imagine taking a bite of cardboard. No salt. No flavor. Nothing.  Usually, even if the snack is not that good, we will eat it all. But this bag still remains half empty in my pantry. Sorry Lays, try again.

RATING : 0/10 Sticky Fingers

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Snack Attack! Chex Mix : Sweet’n Salty Caramel Crunch


This being our first go at a Chex Mix snack, we had no idea what to expect. Off the bat was the smell. As soon as you opened the bag, sweet aroma filled the air. We dove right in but quickly realized there was a problem. While your first intuition is to grab a handful of the various shapes and types of mix but this is a mistake. Together the mix is decent but individually each piece was fantastic. Now, this might contradict the very nature of a sweet and salty mix but you really get a better balance while eating each piece individually. It might take you longer to eat the bag, but what better way to savior every morsel.

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RATING :  7/10 Sticky Fingers