Austin Comic-Con

I finally bit the bullet and decided to take the kids to the Austin Comic-Con but under one condition, we cosplay. I thought this would be the deterrent but I was wrong. My two youngest daughters were all in. One went as Maleficent and the other as Princess Star Butterfly and I went big.  I could have easily picked something easy like batman or something from overwatch but thats no fun. Instead I went with a Cacodemon from the doom.

Took me a couple attempts to get the shape but I knocked the whole thing out in less than two weeks. It primarily made of good old spray foam on top of a fiberglass shell. Paint is standard spray paint. The horns and teeth are XPS foam and the eye is a large Christmas tree ornament.  It was somewhat comfortable but sweaty swamp inside. Thankfully I took home Best Male Villain at the cosplay contest, so it was worth it.

Daughter number 2 went as Princess Star Butterfly. Almost everything is made from scratch except the boots and leggings.

Here is a close up of Princess Star Butterflys Wand

Unfortunately, I dont have any pics of the Maleficent costume.

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