Good Bye Gourmet Gamer

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to retire Goumet Gamer.  From its beginnings in early 2005 to day, I had big dreams for where I wanted to take the brand but unfortunately, it did not pan out. No one particular reason. It was just not meant to be. That being said, it allowed me to refocus and start doing FX work again. Which brings me to my next statement. Going forward, this page will be rebranded as Zooka FX.  I will primarily be concentrating on FX work with the random video game thrown in. All associated social media accounts have been updated.

Austin Comic-Con

I finally bit the bullet and decided to take the kids to the Austin Comic-Con but under one condition, we cosplay. I thought this would be the deterrent but I was wrong. My two youngest daughters were all in. One went as Maleficent and the other as Princess Star Butterfly and I went big.  I could have easily picked something easy like batman or something from overwatch but thats no fun. Instead I went with a Cacodemon from the doom.

Took me a couple attempts to get the shape but I knocked the whole thing out in less than two weeks. It primarily made of good old spray foam on top of a fiberglass shell. Paint is standard spray paint. The horns and teeth are XPS foam and the eye is a large Christmas tree ornament.  It was somewhat comfortable but sweaty swamp inside. Thankfully I took home Best Male Villain at the cosplay contest, so it was worth it.

Daughter number 2 went as Princess Star Butterfly. Almost everything is made from scratch except the boots and leggings.

Here is a close up of Princess Star Butterflys Wand

Unfortunately, I dont have any pics of the Maleficent costume.

Gourmet Gamer Future

As you might have noticed, we at Gourmet Gamer have been a bit quite of late. Besides the newly ramped up Twitch presence, not much has come out in the way of new content. And I would like to address that. Simply put we have had some shake ups that we have been slow to recover from. First, our dear friend Floyd passed in December. No one is sure why or even where he is buried. Frankly, I think he faked his death to get out of child support. Johnny decided to take a sabbatical, something about finding himself in the mountains of Peru. Who knows. I suspect he will back soon. Trent is in rehab. He really took to the Ayahuasca. I have Joe Rogan to thank for that. Its not all doom and gloom though. Both Suzy and Stu have teamed up and are performing on ( search for suzyrocket ) and I wish them all the success in the world.

Now, you may be asking, where does that leave Gourmet Gamer. Well, with the downsizing of the team, we are going to focus on three things.

  • Gourmet Gamer Gaming – This will be filled with game reviews and our weekly twitch streams.
  • Gourmet Gamer Podcast – Zane and Evan will continue their successful weekly bitch sessions on everything from movies and video games to potato chips. We will return with a new episode March 27th.
  • Gourmet Gamer Props & FX – This is not entirely new but has mostly been in the shadows. As some of you are aware, I like to dabble in prop making and special FX. I have decided to really focus on this and hopefully provide you some awesome creations from your favorite movies and video games. I am currently working on a Destiny gun, Skyrim helmet and an original mask. Evan is already producing a lot of cool shit over at

I know this is a departure from where we started but its for the best and will allow Gourmet Gamer to continue. I will making updates to the site over the next couple weeks so keep and eye out. I want to thank every one that has supported us thus far and hopefully will continue supporting us going forward.